Tuesday, 7 April 2015

esmae's blessing

It was a beautiful day. 

I forgot to take any photos until after most people had left :)

Though we did have a great time with family for a long time after Esmae's beautiful blessing and the meeting.

Though, of course, Izzy was mostly found with the youngest cousins!

Love you baby girl. 

esmae yvonne

Born 6th June 11.35pm (minutes before her due date) weighing 9lbs 4oz.

That moment when Izzy and Ethan first met her and held her gets me choked up every time I think about it. 

Of course she had a lot of people excited to meet her!

With her doting grandmas. 

And here's her in her first few weeks. 

She's pretty much completed our family. 

spring holidays '14

We spent Easter holidays outside a lot and there was a good deal of house moving happening. 

Packing was so exhausting!

But outside was beautiful.

We also travelled to the railway museum...

on a train!

I had a pretty cute travel companion.

We went with some friends from school. They loved it!

The parents found it less fun keeping an eye on SO many kids during a busy half term :) 

But we had ways of making sure they listened to us right outside!

Izzy's sixth

This girl. 
The one who made me a mum. 
We celebrated her sixth birthday a week after moving to our first owned home.

It only seemed to make the day even better.

We had a Frozen theme tea party the day before her birthday on Easter Sunday. 


We played pin the nose on olaf and "do you wanna build a snowman?". (Ethan was made by Andy)

Izzy's friend's mum, Louise, volunteered as tribute for this team!

Then we made cupcakes and ate cupcakes.

The next day began with more presents. All Izzy's favourite things; art supplies, a cheap digital camera...

...and a CD player for dancing and singing.

Happy birthday sweet girl. Carry on being funny, silly and creative. And never lose your tender, beautiful heart.