Friday, 19 July 2013

milestones and every day life

Two Saturdays ago this little girl learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers!

She's pretty pleased about it. Hence why she now feels that she can ride in whatever attire she likes. 

I am, of course, thrilled that she is able to ride her bike. It's a huge milestone for a five year old. (so much better than her mum who was double digits...)

But what I loved the most was that on the day we took that security from her riding she over came her worries. In fact there was a point when I could tell she wanted to give up. 

She was tired, had fallen a few times and was frustrated. But I told her she was close and that in two more tries I bet she'd be able to get it. 

She got it right after that very next push. 

I was the most proud that she had kept going, even though it was tough.

Today she mastered turning and rolling-down-the-drive-starting. Pretty impressive. 

While Andy and I were stood watching Izzy ride and Ethan scoot Andy noticed that we had an uneven paving slab...

...which needed to be fixed right away. 

He doesn't like to have his hands idle. 

I absolutely loved that it turned into a whole family event. The kids eager as ever to be useful and like their dad. 

In fact Andy turned to me as I snapped this shot and asked why I was taking photos of this?

From my slightly set back position I just relished seeing my little family all working together to fix that one little thing that wasn't quite right. 

And then my boy turned and gave me this smile. 

I pretty sure he likes working with his daddy. 

Friday, 5 July 2013


Oh summer how I've missed you. 

Watching my kids run, dig and explore until the moment where I absolutely must go inside and cook something for us to eat. 

One of my guilty pleasures, though it really shouldn't be, is to sit on their swing and just watch them play. 

I say it's a guilty pleasure because while doing so I am constantly reminded of the laundry which needs putting away, or the weeds that need to be pulled, or even the people I need to call. But I love to take that time, and am learning to make the the time, to be with them. 

I'm not as good at interacting with their play now that they're older and more independent. But when I'm sat watching for twenty minutes I just become the background and can hear their sweet thoughts and see their imaginations making whole new worlds. 

Oh and this boy. He loves to totter over and sit on my knee and swing. One of his, and my, favourite ways to snuggle is to touch cheeks. Just side by side. It's our special way of saying I love you. 

And so we sit and swing, watching Izzy dig in her plastic noisy heels and silently saying "I love you" as the sun beats down. 

I do love the way the sun insists that you slow down.

I've been talking to Andy recently about being less stressed around the kids and soaking up these precious years. 

Trying not to worry about the toys flung from organised baskets and smears on the windows. Because I'm all too aware that there will be a day when I will ache for these days. 

I'll miss the ridiculous insults ("you're a poopy bum-bum"), the endless picking up of cushions from the floor and demands of wrestles just when I've sat down.

I'm trying very hard to have that hindsight, even when it's the most difficult. Because let's face it; 5.30am wake-ups don't always get me appreciating this age, but summer days like today absolutely will.