Thursday, 15 November 2012

on his first day of nursery school

I made sure he had a great snack.

I soaked up our opportunities to play together. 

I took him to nursery school with a heavy heart. I'd been looking forward to having a predictable slot of time to have without any kids around. After all, it's been four years that I've had a child around me 24/7. I was quite excited at the prospect of dusting off my sewing machine and getting on top of the house work. And of course being able to do my "job" (writing articles a couple of weeks a month) during the day, rather than waiting until I'd got the kids to bed. 

But still...

My baby was leaving me. Okay, I was leaving him technically. But it was time, and a sign that he was older now. Confident, and able to be without me. 

He was SO excited to be there. He had a few tears and then I left. Staying at the door a little while to make sure he really would be okay without me for three hours. 

Then I got in the car and drove home. I only buckled myself in. I got home and didn't have anyone or anything to get out of the car. 

I got home and tried to remember a time I'd come home alone to an empty house. I couldn't think of one. 

I had a really productive afternoon of sewing, but earlier than planned I was itching to get in the car and see my baby boy. 

Who was playing outside as happy as can be.

And before I'd pulled the car out of the road, this happened:

He loves nursery school. I have mixed feelings...

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