Tuesday, 30 April 2013


April is the month when everyone but Andy has a birthday. It is fun and crazy and a complete whirlwind! Here's my boy's big day.

Ethan loved his special day.

We kept it simple. He didn't want anything even resembling a party. So we spent the morning letting him enjoy his presents before heading to Lotherton Hall. 

We were so excited to see all the newborns. Ethan however, seemed particularly enamored with this cat. 

I love watching my children around animals. Their reactions are very different, but so sweet to watch. 

Ethan's happiest wandering over to anything, behind a fence or free, and learning. He is completely entranced sometimes in the way they move and interact, always asking questions and wanting to touch. 

Izzy takes a little longer to warm up and wants reassurance before she approaches a new animal. Preferring to watch first before deciding on how to interact best. 

More often than not she'll do exactly as they want her to, feeding or petting. She seems to have quite the instinct for it. 

And then there's the love of my life. He also has his own unique way of being with animals. 

It was wonderful to take our time wandering around and just watching for the most part. We were able to sit and watch the kids play happily and the playground while we boasted to each other about their sharing, inclusion and happiness. And of course laughing at the bum slides and slide emerges. 

We came home where I ruined beautiful shots of my birthday boy.

And of course started the traditional nerf gun battle. It's not a family gathering without one. 

I may have had a little boy request an R2 D2 cake. I did my best, and he was thrilled that it resembled something he recognised.  

I cannot believe my littlest one is three. 

(and because you're not a real superhero if your pants aren't out.)

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