Saturday, 11 May 2013

Izzy's fifth

I'm close to a month after the fact, but I couldn't miss the opportunity to relive her special half-decade celebration.

We began her birthday with presents, which were just as eagerly anticipated by her brother. (apologies for the few phone photos, I remembered to glue hundreds of butterflies on her wrapping paper, but not to charge my camera.)

She ended up with mostly home made gifts this year. She really is so fun to create for.

Among the slides, bag, cape and nappies I also diy-ed a barbie house for her. Though I have to admit now that she probably would have loved it even more had we worked on it together. She is her momma's girl. Luckily, friends and family also brought her art sets, painting and beads. (phew!)

We then dug into pancakes. I firm family favourite. Though we recently discovered Izzy has a strawberry allergy, so these photos don't paint me as such a great parent. When you read this Izzy remember the butterflies glued onto your paper, not the fact that I poisoned you on your birthday, okay?

I love this shot of her. It is SO her. Silly and sweet. In fact I feel like I'm learning even more about her recently. About who my little girl is and what she needs from me. She has her own way that she needs to be loved, and though I don't always get it right first time, I am learning what she needs.

I know that she wants to be independent, but needs support and to know we are there while she tests those boundaries. 

She adores her friends, yet is not so keen on being the centre of attention.

She is maternal and caring to her core, but learns how to do this through observation; mainly from me. Which means that if she's being overbearing in her attention to her brother, maybe I need to show her how to take a step back, not just tell her. If she shouts and angers easily I have to look at myself and decide how I want her to deal with frustration and work on that in my own life first.

This girl? This girl thinks she's a lot older than she is. She knows more than her parents now that she's in school, but is happy to let us call most of the shots. 

Though she did get cross with me the other day when I was asking her to tidy her room.

"Mummy you are making me be Cinderella and I do not want to be Cinderella!"

She is a little person. I know that sometimes I don't realise the depths of her thought at this young age. She struggles with me leaving her. This is in part to do with her understanding of the world. She knows and comprehends more than most at her age, and sometimes that worries her. Because she needs me to answer her questions. 

I'm trying to accept that she may not be happy for me to leave her at school for a long time. But you know, that's okay. She is Izzy. She can be fragile and unsure and sweet and independent. But that is who she is, and I love her. I love her for all of that. It's part of who she is. 

We had a party with her friends and family at church.

She adored her cake. (phew)

Fortunately I was able to let go of a few party things and left the obstacle course construction to Andy and Izzy's uncles. 

It was far better than I could have done, the kids talked about this part for a while after the party.

It was a little too much for one boy, who dropped off on his dad's shoulder and slept at the side of the hall as nearly thirty children ran, shouted and poked all around him. That boy can sleep though anything. 

Of course post-party clean up turned into fun and play fights. 

And Izzy lapped up the attention of her doting aunts and uncles. I'm not sure how they'll both react when they're not the only niece and nephew for nine aunts and uncles, but I have a feeling that they'll be more than happy to give the same kind of attention they recieve to their cousins. 

They learn so much from their extended family who show them how to love unconditionally and selflessly. I must admit that when both our families all come together that my heart really does feel full. I feel incredibly lucky to have come from such a big family who remain close. To have married into a family who adore our children and treat me as their daughter. And selfishly I'm thrilled that my two married brothers have wives who I'd chose as friends.

Needless to say though, that when that combination of people are together that there will be nerf gun battles.

Izzy later named this as her favourite moment of her birthday. 

That and the sea of pink and glitter she recieved.

Then this birthday girl handed out gifts to other people. 

Happy birthday sweet girl. 

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