Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lawrance holiday '13

On the last week of our summer holiday we packed up our car and drove to meet my family in Middleham. 

Being in a converted school house was amazing, ooposite a castle was breathtaking. 

I loved the space, and the original features.

But none of it could touch the feeling of spending so much uninterrupted time with our family.

My children are utterly spoilt for attention when the Lawrance's get together. 

And I think it's incredibly good for them! 

They learnt about fish from their dad...

(and nail art from auntie Rosie)

...climbing over rocks, patience, determination and stamina from aunties and uncles...

...and they explored until their heads hit their pillows at night.

I hope Ethan never forgets how many times grampy got down on the floor to play with him.

And that Izzy remembers how uncle dave ran round the garden with her as it got dark retrieving her frisby every time.

It makes me feel wonderfully grateful to recognise the amazing family I am a part of, both the ones on this holiday, and the others that we have.

I'm glad that when I feel overwhelmed with all Andy and have that we want to teach my children, that we're not having to do it alone.

We have a huge support network helping us with every age. 

And I think if I were my mum watching scenes like these I'd be glowing too. 

(Look! I'm actually in a photo!)

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