Monday, 3 March 2014


One thing our family agrees on is 'spolrin', floaty skirts optional.

There is something about being outside, away from technology and out in the open, that seems to be good for our souls. 

As parents we now recognise when it's been too long since we've been out exploring. The kids get cross more easily and we feel a little trapped even in our home. 

I firmly believe that people are not designed to be indoors as much as we are, despite what English weather would have us think.

We all need a good 'splorin' session every so often. A chance to breathe more deeply and question the really important things - "like what lives in this hole?!"

And it helps me as a parent to see my children's perspective more easily. What makes them stop. Which route do they choose? What stick is best for beating down ferns.

And even when I get a bit distracted from the kids. It's only because I have this gorgeous hunk with me. 

And although my motherly instincts would love to walk first and check for holes, nettles and is so good for them to be the ones to analyse and make the decisions. And really good for me to get used to that.

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