Tuesday, 19 August 2014

turning four

Apparently Ethan had a birthday.

About four and a half months ago.

We made sure the day was all about him.

We let him choose which way to walk.

Jump in all the puddles he wanted.

He ran, stomped, was loud and free.

We threw him around till his blood was all his head.

Andy and I smiled at each other as we watched our children run and laugh.

And I was secretly (and not so secretly) thrilled that my newly four-year-old boy still wanted to hold my hand.

We then returned home to present our boy with cake...

and a cousin... (Ethan plays with older and younger children without discrimination. All will get buckets on their heads.)

and more than a few...


and uncles...


and a parent or two.

This boy. He absolutely slays me. His enthusiasm, determination and kindness are all qualities I'd love to have in as much abundance as he does. 

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