Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I am mum

I am a mum of two crazy kids.

I don't take myself too seriously.

I don't always wear make up, or do my hair.

But this is how my kids see me. 

And they love me.

They don't care about the bags under my eyes, or the kinks in my hair, or the spot on my face. They love me for the mum that I am. 

Recently there's been a lot more of this. I want to remember them how the kids are. The things they do, how they look, and the memories that go with the pictures. 

I realised that I wanted some of me too. Not glammed up for a photo shoot, or on a Sunday - the one day I wear make up and do my hair (mostly), but everyday. How I am in this stage of life, and how I look. 

And I want to remember what I think, and like. How I look forward to 6pm, when dinner is ready and kids are quiet and Andy steps in the door in his work clothes. That I love the feeling of a husband who works hard for his family.

I want to remember the time spent with Ethan on those days when Izzy's at school. How we play "dinosaur" by hiding under the covers in my bedroom and whispering. Then he'll ask me if I want a drink, then carefully pour me imaginary juice complete with straw.

I want to remember the conversations with Izzy to explain why I said no. To remember how grown up she seems when she explains how she's feeling. The way she takes time out in her room if she gets upset, and how we cuddle after and talk about it. I really want to make sure I remember how to talk with her openly like that.

And I want to remember that I am still me. When I'm free from the demanding label of "mum", that I'm me. I have passions and talents. I sew, and create and write. I stay up late talking with my best friend; my husband, and how our conversations are sometimes normal, sometimes serious, and sometimes silly. And that after seven and a half years, we've not lost our spark, and that it only seems to keep growing and that we seem to understand each other more now than we ever did. 

I am mum, and wife, and me. I want to remember that.


  1. Wonderfully written :-) put a big smile on my face xxx

  2. RhiRhi, you are such a fantastic mum. I hope that you realise that. xx

  3. I'm afraid I'm the type of mum that won't go out without my make up on, even if we are late for school, think of it as war paint!! Blame it on my mum maybe, I remember her calmly sitting in the kitchen on the washing machine putting on 'her face' whilst we were all running about making our own pack ups at a very young age!!! Way to go on the hair though, even Levi suggested to me the other day that I should use gel because it was frizzing up everywhere:)