Sunday, 7 October 2012

just a sunday...

Today, we had the privilege to not only watch our church services in our own homes, but also to hear our leaders from America.


(some of mine and Izzy's notes)

We watched in proper comfort! :)

The kids were pretty good, and listened especially well to the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and of course the songs. Ethan loved listening and trying to sing the songs. 

I liked the emphasis on family we heard. On making our families strong, and as parents being responsible for teaching our children. Not being afraid to say "no", and to parent.

We went on a walk in Hambleton after lunch.

Ethan was fast asleep, so Andy and I took it in turns walk around with Izzy until he was able to be woken up!

The kids are obsessed with spiders at the moment. They love to watch them, see their webs and take them outside when they find them in the house. 

Then we went to my parents to see some of my family. 

Sundays are good.

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