Saturday, 19 January 2013


We slowed down a little this week.

I accepted that we'd spend the majority of our days getting warm again. 

Having countless sups of hot chocolate.Which must be poured from Izzy's precious teapot into a princess mug.

I not only accepted the heaters covered with gloves and socks, but smiled when I saw them, remembering the moments that had lead to them becoming sodden.

We stood still watching out children create memories.

And helped them create a few too. 

They loved being pulled too fast and falling out onto the snow.

Over and over. 

Something about the snow makes me want to be a kid again. And although you can't tell, Ethan loved when I made it snow above him, or when I dunked Izzy head first into our snowy flower bed. 

I hope they remember that I didn't go out grudgingly to play with them, but that I enjoyed playing with them. 

Their faces say it all. We love the snow.

Even though some of us take a little while to get used to it...

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  1. I hope you don't mind that I came to visit your lovely blog, after the sweet comment you left for me. What BEAUTIFUL pictures. What inspiring perspective to have. What a priceless weekend of simple pleasures to remember!