Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I've been a mum for nearly five years now.

Like most seasoned mums I can proudly say that I can multi task to the max.

I am more than capable of making dinner, doing the dishes, homework and even some sewing.

I don't even have to think before tidying toys and clothes while building a "'normus" tower of blocks.

I'm able to check my emails, help my kids with their reading and sort laundry.

But in this work where everything is instant and can be literally at your fingertips. Is that really such a talent?

Every teenager (and most adults) I know can do lots of things at once. Being able to switch off or do one thing at a time can be hard now. I know I can be more productive with my time that one-task-at-a-time. 

But do I really want to divide my attention when I could be sitting for a few minutes watching my boy sleep?

Or spend time making the kitchen clean whilst cooking dinner when I could get my budding chef to assist me and create a masterpiece to be proud of?

All while she takes less than glamorous shots or my make-up free, hair wash free self? :) (and while my boy sticks up notes for us.)

So I've decided.

Rather than be proud of the many things I was able to do in a few hours - maybe the focus should be on spending that precious time with one of both of my kids. 

Or on being able to read a book without the tv on, or listening to a song without doing anything else. 

I think that I'd be more proud of being able to shut out some things while concentrating on just one thing.

I'm going to be a "uni-tasker".

And if it means that my house sometimes looks like this? I'll take it. As I'm sure it will be all too soon that he doesn't want to do "making" with his mummy. 

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  1. I think the multi-tasking thing is a bit addictive isn't it?