Saturday, 24 August 2013

I think I may regret posting these photos...

I had a running partner today.

It was actually my first time running with someone and I loved it. She did a good 3km before asking for a break and then managed to cycle the rest of the 5km. She can be so determined when she wants to be. 

When we set off it was drizzling out. Five minutes in we were drenched. It was actually pretty fun. 

We even discovered a flooded road where the water came past our ankles and there were school children playing. 

Towards the end a car drove past and threw water over us. We had to stop because we were laughing so much and Izzy couldn't see through the water. 

But my favourite part was just running with my girl and chatting. Both my children talk the best when they're a little distracted with something else. 

We have now decided that we're going to do a triathlon when she's old enough. 

Izzy said I need to work on my bike riding. Mainly because I don't have a bike..."I can swim really good already mummy, I can already swim nearly...a mile?" 

I'm really missing out on posting a lot of our summer. Ethan fractured his foot two weeks ago so life is pretty hectic. Meaning that I am having to use all the tricks I know (all two) to distract and entertain Ethan from the boundless energy he has and can't run off. 

Making playdough worked pretty well. They "baked" for ages. Well, long enough for me to grab the camera :)

And I have to admit, this photo was slightly staged, the original is here:

When I looked at it on my camera I realised how much "stuff" was distracting from the kids so shot again after moving things. 

But actually now I think the original is my favourite. This is a pretty accurate snapshot of our summer holiday. Messy house and happy kids or tidyish house and kids that have started hitting each other. And I don't grab the camera as readily when they're crying.

So I have mostly opted to keep the house guest-unfriendly. 

("look mummy, the daddy, mummy and baby. they all fit with each other.")

These holidays have been more fun, but harder work than I'd expected. But that's what memories are made of. That and broken feet.

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