Tuesday, 13 August 2013

why i give in far too often

This boy slays me. 

I mean seriously. I've just come down from putting him to bed and realised that he's played me again.

I had no idea.

He was so sweet going to sleep and then asked for a biscuit. I did the standard "no food in bed, no food after bath.." etc. But then he cried, and not the annoying whine; the tired, defeated cry accompanied by "pw-ease mummy, i be cay-ful, i pwomise, pw-ease *sob* pwomise i be caful." and then he looked up with those huge blue eyes and oh my goodness my ovaries exploded. 

Biscuits were brought.

And now I'm a sucky mum. 

I need to learn how to say no to those eyes. Seriously. Because I'm pretty sure cake in bed is the next step.


  1. My daughter who is well over her childhood years having 3 boys herself has zuch.eyes but brown even now i say Sarah you can shut those eyes because this heart not melting tbe answer is No. So you got those eyes for a long time so don't look and be.melted LOLxxxx

    1. Point noted Dee. Next time I'm looking away or getting him to shut his eyes! :)