Friday, 7 September 2012

Our last few days of summer

Were spent enjoying playing. Brother and sister.

I took the kids to a shopping centre and let them play in the toy shop as long as they wanted. 

I decided not to stress about all the toys they took on and off the shelves, or think about "wasted" time. But let them just enjoy being kids. 


We ate pizza, played on ride ons and went in the park twice. 

And they didn't care that I didn't buy any toys in the toy shop. Or that the motorbikes weren't moving. Their imagination was active enough.

I even took Izzy into a really overpriced shoe shop so she could look at all the pretty, if one hundred and fifty pounds worth, shoes. She loved it, and didn't notice the sales assistants who clearly didn't.

Oh, and did I mention that they were precious and sweet - and even after six weeks which included plenty of fights, not sharing, tantrums and shouts - I didn't want them to go to school.

It has been a hard, but also a really beautiful summer with them. They're really growing. And so am I.

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